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Who are we?

A nature tourism company consolidated by a team of professional environmental consultants and hoteliers that integrate bird knowledge, ecosystem management, community management and tourist service, promoting policies HSSEQC, thus generating a unique business model.

We seek to generate a responsible and sustainable activity that satisfies the client, protects the environment and benefits the receiving community.


YARUQTREK is a nature tourism operator specialized in nature tourism in Colombia, which designs and markets combined services under tourism experiences according to the national legal framework, with high standards of quality, sustainability and security throughout its value chain; Propening for the social and economic development of the host community where it develops its tourism activities, as well as the maximum satisfaction of its customers.


YARUQTREK for the year 2024, is projected as a leading company in the field of tourism operators specialized in nature tourism in Colombia, incorporating tourism experiences in its portfolio throughout the national territory, highlighting its focus on the client and its high standards of quality, sustainability and security.



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YaruQtreK S.A.S.(hereinafter YQK) is dedicated to the design, intermediation and commercialization of nature tourism in the territory of Colombia, with which it built a business model with a social focus for the development of its sighting routes.
YQK incorporates hotels in its operations in the rural areas of our Colombian geography, local guides and suppliers of goods and services in the region, thus generating a local impact of an economic and social nature.
The Management of YQK is responsible for compliance with this policy, through its officials and strategic partners in the regions, for which it commits us to:

  • Guarantee full compliance with the legal requirements applicable to the travel agency sector in Colombia.
  • Promote good practices in hotels that are part of our sighting routes (norm NTS 002).
  • Involve communities in the regions where we operate our business model.
  • Promote the spirit of continuous improvement of our personnel through the execution of training aimed at mission and administrative processes.
  • Design an Ethical Contract, as a guiding principle of our individual and collective actions.
  • Design and execute internal and external audits in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the processes and therefore maximizing the satisfaction of the stakeholders.

Satisfying the client (foreign visitor) complying with the highest quality standards in the tourism routes offered (hotels, guides, food and transport).

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YARUQTREK S.A.S.(hereinafter YQK), in the effort to maintain and guarantee a safe work environment, and considering that a collaborator, contractor or visitor who is under the effects of psychoactive substances, tobacco or alcohol in their workplace represents a risk to their partners, the community in general, the operation, the equipment and for themselves, will be prohibited from entering or participating in the activities carried out under the direct and indirect control of YQK.
YQK prohibits the possession, distribution, commercialization and / or consumption of alcohol or any controlled substance in the YQK facilities, work areas, vehicles or any work site where YQK develops its activities

YQK reserves the right to perform random tests on its employees and collaborators Breath alcohol tests, reactive tests to determine the use of drugs and drugs in urine, with prior informed consent. Likewise, as part of its prevention programs, it will carry out, properly and without prior announcements, inspections of collaborators, contractors and work sites.
Failure to comply with this policy is considered a serious fault, and for collaborators may result in disciplinary actions, in accordance with Colombian law.
YQK maintains a communication channel permanently open with its collaborators so that they can manifest problems of alcoholism or addiction to any of the substances listed in this policy, through the occupational health doctor. If this channel is used, the company will treat the case in a confidential manner and support the worker's participation in a rehabilitation program offered by a third party.

This policy does not apply to the use of prescription drugs, as long as it does not affect the development of the collaborator's activity

In order to keep the air clean and breathable, smoking is strictly prohibited in enclosed spaces, such as offices, camps, cafeterias, hotels and in areas where it is restricted by the HSE department. However, smokers will have clearly defined smoking areas.

This policy will be communicated and must be followed by all YQK staff, its employees, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

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Daily operations YARUQTREK SAS (hereinafter YQK) is transported personnel and equipment in different weather conditions, state of the road, own behaviors or other , which makes driving a work activity with moderate risk.

The management of YQK is committed to providing the necessary support, accompaniment and resources for full compliance with the road safety policy by its employees, contractors and associates.

This policy applies to all vehicles participating in the operations of YQK, is based on the rules of the National Land Transit Code (Law 769 of 2002 and its updates) and NGEC-SC guidelines .
All personnel conducting operations of  YQK  agree to comply with the following points of this policy:

  • The use of the safety belt is mandatory for all occupants of the vehicle while driving. It can not be overpopulated.
  • It is forbidden to drive under the influence of narcotics, drugs and / or alcohol.
  • It is forbidden for the driver to use the cell phone while driving.
  • YQK reserves the right to carry out the inspections necessary to verify the status of the vehicles.
  • YQK reserves the right to carry out the inspections necessary to verify the status of the vehicles.
  • The drivers must have the documents established in the National Highway Traffic Code (Law 769 of 2002 and their updates), be certified in defensive driving, respect the speed limits established in the current legislation, the type of cargo it carries and comply with with the guidelines given by YQK.
  • Drivers must anticipate the possible dangers and changes that may be found on the road, acting with caution and to protect the physical integrity of people and property.

The maximum speed on national roads must be respected in accordance with what the local road authorities have established and signposted.

The omission of this policy will expose his life and that of others, resulting in the imposition of disciplinary actions that are considered a just cause to terminate the employment contract or the commercial contract signed.

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YaruQtreK S.A.S (hereinafter YQK), is dedicated to the commercialization and intermediation of nature tourism in the territory of Colombia, while ensuring the health of people, industrial safety in operations and the protection of the environment in the areas where it operates.

The Integral Management System for Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Management is the responsibility of all the collaborators and contractors of YQK. The excellence of our operation and our high degree of performance in the Integrated Management System (hereinafter "SIG") ensures a healthy and safe environment for our employees, contractors and interest groups.

Likewise, YQK in its policy of sustainable tourism, is committed to meet the requirements established in Sectorial Technical Standard NTS-TS 003: 2018, which includes, among other things, the legal requirements that regulate the effects generated by tourism.

The Management of YQK is responsible for compliance with the HSE policy; therefore, it undertakes to:

  • Prevention first and safety, first of all: YQK will manage the risks identified as "Not Acceptable" from your GIS, which are mainly of physical origin, mechanical, ergonomic and psychosocial, to which customers, collaborators and contractors are exposed to the effects of minimizing "(ALARP) As low as reasonably possible" injuries and occupational diseases of our employees and contractors.
  • Prevent damage to infrastructure, both its own and that of interest groups.
  • Promote the rational use of natural resources, incorporating saving plans and efficient use of energy and water; avoiding environmental contamination in soil and water through integral waste management through actions aimed at continuous improvement.
  • Comply with current regulations on health, occupational safety and environmental management.
  • Promote respect for the vulnerable population, local customs and beliefs wherever our operations are carried out or executed.
  • Train and motivate our staff with training and awareness actions on the principles of sustainable tourism, the prevention of CSEC and the rejection of child labor exploitation.
  • To attend diligently and opportunely the emergencies that may be caused in the development of our operations.
  • Work for the continuous improvement of HSE management and performance through the determination, communication and monitoring of objectives and goals that prevent accidental deaths, accidents and occupational diseases, damage to property and the environment.
  • Disseminate this policy among all employees of the Company and other stakeholders, with the purpose of knowing the commitment and responsibility towards the HSE GIS.
  • Empower collaborators and contractor personnel to intervene and / or stop activities that pose an immediate threat to the safety of people or an environmental impact.
  • Providing for communities to be our strategic allies within the areas of influence of our operation.
  • Generate added value to the communities involved in our operations (tourist routes).

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The tour operator YARUQTREK S.A.S. is a legally constituted company and as such develops all its activities within the Colombian legal framework, we invite you to abide by all the rules and laws. In compliance with the provisions of Article 1 of Law 1336 of 2009 and Resolution 3840 of 2009, the operator accepts and adopts the code of conduct for the prevention and prohibition of the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. The consecrated commitments are the following:

  1. The operator YARUQTREK refrains from offering tourism programs, expressly or deceptively, tourism plans that include the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
  2. The operator YARUQTREK refrains from giving information to tourists, directly or through interposing person, information about places where it is coordinated or where the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is practiced.
  3. The operator YARUQTREK refrains from driving tourists, directly or through third parties to establishments or places where commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is practiced; as well as driving these to the places where tourists are staying, with the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
  4. The operator YARUQTREK refrains from providing vehicles on tourist routes for the purpose of exploitation or sexual abuse of children and adolescents.
  5. To prevent the entry of children and adolescents into hotels or places of accommodation and lodging, bars, similar businesses and other establishments in which tourism services are provided, for the purpose of exploitation or sexual abuse.
  6. The operator YARUQTREK adopts measures to prevent personnel linked to any title with the company from offering tourist services that allow sexual activity with children and adolescents.
  7. To report to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and other competent authorities, the facts of which he had knowledge by any means, as well as the existence of places, related to the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and ensure that the interior of the company there are channels for the corresponding complaint before the competent authorities.
  8. To design and disseminate within the company and with its suppliers of goods and services, a policy in which the provider establishes measures to prevent and counteract all forms of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in travel and tourism.
  1. To train all the personnel linked to the company, facing the issue of prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
  2. To inform its users about the legal consequences in Colombia of the exploitation and sexual abuse of children and adolescents.
  3. To establish in a visible place for employees of establishments or commercial establishments the present code of conduct and other commitments and measures that the provider wishes to assume in order to protect children and adolescents.

Adoption and adherence to this Code of Conduct is a requirement for registration in the National Tourism Registry and for its update.

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118 Street 19 - 52 Off. 204 Phone: (57)(1) 6583447
Bogotá D.C. – Colombia - South America



YARUQTREK S.A.S. is a tourism company specialized in nature tourism in Colombia. Our actions adhere to a strict ethical contract.

The following are the principles that regulate our operations:

  • YARUQTREKis committed to complying with all legal requirements associated with its operation as well as labor regulations
  • We abstain from entering into agreements with any type of organization that incorporates into its operations minors of age, in breach of current national legislation.
  • Our suppliers will refrain from offering contraband.
  • We respect the customs of the communities where we operate, the culture, political, religious and other beliefs as part of our ethical principles.
  • We are a very diverse country, that's why we safeguard our cultural, intangible, architectural heritage and our ethnic traditions.
  • Our value chain is made up of legally constituted tourism service providers in order to generate confidence and security for our customers
  • We guarantee that the financial capital of YARUQTREK S.A.S. comes from legal and transparent sources.
  • All our information systems (IS) have the corresponding licenses, promoting the legality and proper use of the licenses acquired.
  • We promote responsible consumption, taking into account the limit of acceptable change (load capacity) of the ecosystems in order to avoid biotic deterioration.
  • We reduce to the maximum the use of substances that deplete the ozone layer (ODS), as well as atmospheric, visual and auditory pollution (AVA), where we carry out tourism operations.
  • We operate with the principles of transparency, respect for the community, for the environment, for the ethnic, political and religious difference.
  • We strongly reject animal maltreatment andillegal  traffic of wildlife fauna and flora.
  • In our operations, we prioritize vulnerable groups, the elderly, minors, women head of household, among others.
  • We support community initiatives that seek the common good, protection of the environment, animals in danger or vulnerable populations.

YARUQTREK SAS all its employees, partners, route partners and stakeholders assume this ethical contract as the guiding principle of our actions before the community, state entities and our customers.

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Dear User: the website of YARUQTREK Tourism operator with domicile in Bogotá, Colombia.- (hereinafter the Website) has as its main function to offer tourist experiences of Bird Watching in Colombia abroad of YARUQTREK S.A.S. - (hereinafter YQK).
Through the Website, YQK publishes, among others, the products and activities that have to do with its mission, vision, objectives and the functions that correspond to it. Additionally, it allows you to acquire YQK services through debit and credit card payments.
YQK asks the User of this page to read carefully and carefully these conditions of use (hereinafter the Terms of Use) and the privacy policy of this Website, before beginning its exploration or use. If the User does not agree with these Terms of Use or with any provision of the Privacy Policy, we suggest that you refrain from accessing or browsing the Website of our entity.
1. Definitions
To facilitate the understanding of these Conditions of Use of the Website, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of the following words:
a. Contents They involve all forms of information or data that are disclosed on the website, among which are: texts, images, photos, logos, designs, animations.
b. Intellectual Property Rights. includes everything related to brands, trade names, logos, banners, slogans, domain names, business secrets, know-how, industrial designs, patents, utility models and copyright.
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d. Internet. Communication tool with tens of thousands of computer networks linked by the TCP / IP protocol. On this network you can use multiple services such as emails, www, etc.
e.  Web page. Result in hypertext or hypermedia that a navigator of the www provides after obtaining the information requested. Its content can range from a short text to a voluminous set of texts, static or moving graphics, sound, etc.
F. To post. Make a document visible from the Website.
g. Services: These are the experiences that YQK currently provides its users through this website, publication of tourism news or activities of the company; online payments, consultations, complaints and claims mailbox, among others.
h. User. It is every person who enters the Website. You can register in case you need to complete a procedure or receive a YQK service; or to file a complaint through the use of the Complaints and Claims mailbox, created for this purpose.
2. Acceptance of Terms
It is presumed that when a user accesses the Website he / she does so at his / her own risk and that, therefore, he / she fully and unreservedly accepts the content of the terms and conditions of use of the Website. YQK reserves, in all respects, the right to update and modify at any time and in any way, unilaterally and without prior notice, these terms of use, privacy policies and the contents of the page.
3. Contents of the Website
The purpose of the website is to provide the user with information on the tourist tours of bird watching in Colombia, the YQK standards, news, statistics and others.
The Website may have links to other sites of interest or to documents located on other websites owned by other companies, persons or organizations other than YQK. Only by the fact that the user accesses another website or an individual document located on another page, through a link or a link established on the Website, the user must submit to the conditions of use and the privacy policy from the web page to which you send the link.
The establishment of a link (link) to the website of another company, does not necessarily imply the existence of relations between YQK and the owner of the linked site or website, nor the acceptance or approval by YQK of its contents or services. Those people who intend to establish a link (link) will ensure that it only allows access to the Web home page.
Likewise, YQK is not responsible for information that is outside this Website and is not managed directly by the Website administrator. The links that appear on the Website are intended to inform the User about the existence of other sources likely to expand the contents offered by the Website, or that are related to them. YQK does not guarantee or be responsible for the operation or accessibility of the linked web pages; nor suggests, invites or recommends the visit to them, so it will not be responsible for the result obtained. Therefore, access to them through the Website does not imply that YQK recommends or approves their contents.
On the other hand, the provision of the Website service is free and free for users.
The Website may contain articles of a scientific nature (hereinafter, Information) prepared by YQK or by third parties, for informational and informative purposes. YQK can modify or withdraw the Information at any time and without prior notice. The opinions expressed in the comments made by the Users do not necessarily reflect the views of YQK.
YQK is not responsible for the uninterrupted or error-free service of the page. YQK makes its best efforts so that the content provided is of optimum quality, and in this sense the User agrees to use the service.
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Because currently the technical means do not guarantee the absolute lack of interference of the action of third parties on the Website, YQK in no way ensures the accuracy and / or veracity of all or part of the information contained in its page, nor its update, nor that said information has been altered or modified in whole or in part, after having been published on the page, or any other aspect or characteristic of what is published on the site or in the links, respectively.
YQK does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the contents that may produce alterations in your computer system (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents stored in your computer system.
As a result of the above, YQK will not be liable for any damage caused by any alteration that has been made to the materials or download files provided directly by the entity.
The User will not send or transmit on the Website or to it, other users or any person, any information of obscene, defamatory, libelous or discriminatory content against any person, or against YQK, its collaborators or against those responsible of the administration of the Website.
In no case will be accepted content that can be considered offensive, sexist, racist, discriminatory, obscene, to the extent that offensive content violate fundamental rights of individuals.
4. Intellectual property
The intellectual property over the contents of the Website is either part of YQK's patrimony or, where appropriate, its ownership is of third parties that authorized the use of the same on the Website or is public information that is governed by Colombian access to public information laws.
The texts and graphic elements that constitute the Web page, as well as their presentation and assembly, are the exclusive property of YQK or the latter holds the necessary exploitation rights. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs that appear or alluded to on the Website belong to their respective owners and are protected by current legislation in this regard.
Any use, transformation or exploitation of the contents included in the Website for commercial or promotional purposes is prohibited unless previously authorized by YQK; in any case, any use contrary to the law and the Website for personal and non-commercial use is prohibited, provided that express mention is made of the property in the head of the author of the content.
All the logos and trademarks of the website are owned by YQK or their use has been authorized by their owners to YQK, being, in any case, the owners responsible for any possible dispute that may arise regarding them. The holders of these brands and logos reserve the right to file legal actions they deem appropriate to enforce their rights both in Colombia and abroad.
The User accepts that the contents generated and uploaded by him will be the property of YQK, the User retaining the moral rights over said contents.
In the case of claims that may be filed by users or by third parties in relation to possible breaches of intellectual property rights on any of the contents of the Website should be directed to the following email address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. notified to this email, said content will be automatically removed from the Website until the person who has published the disputed content has resolved the conflict with the person submitting the claim.
5. Privacy
Personal information is understood as that provided by the User for the registration, which includes data such as name, identification, age, gender, address, email and telephone.
The storage, and use of personal information is governed by the Privacy Policy of the Website.
6. Applicable law and jurisdiction
a. These conditions of use of the Website will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Colombia.
b. If any provision of these conditions loses validity or binding force, for any reason, all other provisions, retain their binding force, and will generate all their effects.
c. For any legal or judicial effect, the place of these conditions is the city of Bogotá, Colombia, and any dispute arising from its interpretation or application will be submitted to the judges of the Republic of Colombia.
7. Participation within the Website
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- Deny the registration to any person, at any time and for any reason.
- Include or not in the Website the material received from users at their discretion. In the case of including it, you may keep said material on the Website for the period it considers pertinent or modify it.
- Remove, without being mandatory, contents that in the opinion of YQK are illegal, offensive, defamatory or otherwise violate these Terms of Use. Likewise, contents that violate intellectual property rights may be removed, at the request of this.
- Use personal information and / or content provided by Users in accordance with the Conditions of Use of the Website and the Privacy Policy.
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Likewise, YQK, its collaborators, suppliers or advertisers, will NOT be liable in any way in the event that comments, information, messages, opinions, or similar, are affected, deleted, altered, or modified in any way.
Users will refrain from initiating any action or claim against YQK related to, or derived from, the information, content, opinion or comment from another User and / or a third party outside of YQK, being accepted by users that such actions or Claims can only be initiated against the person directly responsible, for which they must promote the pertinent legal actions, under the procedures legally established for that purpose. YQK may refrain from supplying the information available about the alleged offender when in his opinion such information is protected by the confidentiality offered to the users, in which case, the supply will be conditioned to the request of the competent authority.
YQK, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to exclude from the Spaces, those users who do not abide by these rules or who do not respect the basic principles of healthy interaction. As well as interrupt and / or eliminate and / or exclude, totally or partially, in all cases, all that message, opinion, information or similar that do not suit or result in violation of the rules and / or principles indicated above.
Each User must report any violation of the Website's Conditions of Use by other Users, of which he / she has knowledge, for which he / she will send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that YQK may take the measures that are within your reach with respect to the Website.
8.- Modifications to the conditions of use
YQK may modify the Conditions of Use contained herein, at its own discretion and at any time and they will be valid once they have been published on the website.
The User agrees to periodically review this section to be informed of such modifications and each new user access to the page will be considered a tacit acceptance of the new conditions.

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  • The type of transport (armored or unshielded truck) must be the same for all the people in the group
  • It is the customer's own decision to determine if their package includes or does not include an insurance policy. However, before the tour is executed it is MANDATORY that the client submits a policy certificate with coverage during the tour
  • If the customer makes the decision to purchase the package policy Assist Card coverage of 35,000 USD, the CLIENT must provide the relevant data for expedition
  • Groups of less than 5 people, must cancel the entire sale price established for 5 people


Communicate intend to book the tour email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating:

  • Number of people and type of service to hire
  • Number of people in simple accommodation and number of people in double accommodation. In the event that someone in the group determines double accommodation, you must specify whether you share a bed or prefer accommodation in single beds
  • Group dietary restrictions
  • Medical profile of the people who take the tour (optional).
  • Tour start date

YARUQTREK, in less than 5 business days after receipt of the reservation request period, sent to the CLIENT Availability response to run the tour.


  • The CLIENT, in a period of less than 5 business days, you must confirm the reservation take or decline. If the answer is to take the tour, we recommend in the same period of 5 working days to deposit 30% of the total value of the tour, previous consignment in the PAYPAL account of YARUQTREK:
  • Payment of the remaining 70% must be paid 34 or more days schedule to start the tour
  • If the CLIENT does not last reply 5 business days YARUQTREK can not guarantee the total availability in the accommodations, which would lead to a new verification of availability with the suppliers


  • Following the cancellation request filed by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. missing 30 or more calendar days to start the tour, YARUQTREK will retain 30% of the total amount appropriated by the CLIENT. 70% will be reimbursed in a maximum period of 30 calendar days
  • Requests for cancellation or changes made to 29 or less calendar days to start the tour, will not be accepted by YARUQTREK, with a penalty of 100% of the total value of the tour


  • Once the tour starts, the services included in the plan and not used will not be refundable. Unless the cancellation is verified by medical certificate or death of the client


  • In the period between 30 and 20 calendar days to start the tour, YARUQTREK issue policies travel assistance for the person who has contracted this service


It is not possible to postpone any day of the tour due to delays in domestic or international flights of the group of customers. If for some reason the client group arrives the next day due to delays or cancellations on your flight, YARUQTREK, ensures your reception at the airport determined in the tour but is not responsible for the replacement of the day lost due to air delay.

YARUQTREK is not responsible for loss of domestic or international flights caused by problems in national pathways related to landslides, blockages of public order or other external appearance does not depend on YARUQTREK to get to the airport. We recommend our clients to be at the destination one day before starting the tour as well as to travel one day after the end of the tour.


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YARUQTREK is committed to compliance with:

  • Article 16 of Law 679 of 2001 and rejects all types of exploitation, pornography, tourism sexual and sexual violence of minors
  • Law 17 of 1981 for the prevention of illicit trafficking in flora and fauna
  • Law 17 of 1981 for the prevention of illicit trafficking in cultural objects

National Tourism Registry: 61241

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